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Craft Cannabis Facilities


Our Services

Zoning & Permits
We take care of all documentation and communications with city officials to secure your property and permits.
We have built over 50 facilities to date (ACMPR and Micros), and it will take us less than 60 days to deliver yours, fully built.
Facility Buildout
Our licenses are all processed by our partner, Jennifer Caldwell. She licensed Canada's first LP in 2013, and dozens of others since then.
License Applications
Finding qualified talent is hard, but we have a network with over 40 growers and many other partners to take care of your facility.
Talent Acquisition
Health Canada has many operational regulations that need to be followed, and we make sure you are trained on every one of them.
SOP & GPP Training
Never worry about sales. We guarantee the sale of your entire production through our fixed-price purchase agreements.
Purchase Agreements
If you don't want to, you won't have to do any cleaning, harvesting, defoliating, or even trimming. Our teams can do it all.
Contracted Teams
Thinking about expanding? We can amend licenses or increase the size of your facility whenever you are ready.
Amendment Applications
Your success hinges on your ability to mitigate problems ASAP. That's why our master growers are always there for you, 24/7.
Emergency Support 24/7

Since June 2020, U Cann Grow has:




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