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3 Micro-Cultivation Units Available

Asking Price: Contact Us

Location: St Thomas, ON

Unit Size: 4,000sf

Canopy Space: 2,152sf

Lighting: Your choice!

Fertigation: Automated dripline

License: Micro Cultivation

Production Capacity: 750 lbs/yr


  • Licensing & fully-compliant unit

  • All essential equipment

  • 5-year lease with 3 renewal options

  • Supply agreements for clones

  • Fixed price pre-sale agreements


Cannabis Room Program

The Cannabis Room Program was designed for the person who wants to own their own cannabis micro-cultivation business but doesn’t currently have the cash to build one. The Cannabis Room Program gets you into the industry and making profit with a minimum investment of $150,000. With that investment, you are purchasing the actual room + equipment = you own an asset!

The Program has a term of 5 years, and will profit you enough cash to build your own facility after the 5 years…with no effort from you! Leave the growing and management to us. Sit back, relax, and reap your profits. Profit up to $500,000 after 5 years!

Your $150,000 invested and managed by UCG over 5 years, will equivalate to both you and UCG having a new cannabis site paid for! If you don’t agree with these terms, the Cannabis Room Program is not for you.

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Cost of Cannabis Room Program

Secure your Cannabis Room before the facility is licensed:


Buy a Cannabis Room within an already-licensed facility:



The U Cann Grow Advantage

Full Service
2 Year
Over 50%
Profit Margin

Turnkey Services

All for only $175/sf

Sourcing Property 
U Cann Grow will support your search for appropriately zoned property, or, if necessary, can assist with the re-zoning process.
U Cann Grow's floor plans have been pre-approved by Health Canada for efficient & logical work flows. Includes architectural &/or engineered drawings.
Floor Plan Design
U Cann Grow provides you with all required documents for licensing, including: GMP-compliant SOPs, GPP Report, Operational Security Plan, Physical Security Plan, & Video Evidence Package.
Licensing Documents
U Cann Grow supports & trains you on cultivation methods and reporting requirements so you get the best yields and stay in compliance.
Training & Consultation
U Cann Grow builds &/or retrofits your property to GMP-compliant standards, and warranties it will pass Health Canada licensing standards.
Build-Out/ Retrofit
U Cann Grow offers agreements for the supply of genetics and wholesale purchase of dried cannabis.
Purchase Agreements
U Cann Grow offers many operational services from: daily staff, professional trimmers, sanitation, cannabis waste removal, facility equipment maintenance, and custom strain development.
Contracted Teams
Thinking about expanding? We can amend licenses or increase the size of your facility whenever you are ready.
Amendment Applications
Your success hinges on your ability to mitigate problems ASAP. That's why our master growers are always there for you, 24/7.
Emergency Support 24/7

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