Cannabis Industry Consultants

Cannabis Consultants

Entering the cannabis cultivation industry in Canada can be very time consuming, expensive and challenging to do as it has numerous requirements and regulations. U Cann Grow is a cannabis consulting firm that mitigates the considerable cost of entering the market while providing the first proper turn-key cannabis solution.

U Cann Grow provides compliance and consulting services for entering the cannabis market and ensures every license application, process, and agreement is smoothly taken care of. Our team of experienced consultants will guide you through every step of the process.

Why Consider Cannabis Consultation Services?

Due to the worldwide economic decline caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, the Canadian government has begun to promote and fund the cannabis industry to improve Canada’s economy, meaning the sector will undoubtedly keep growing as it has been doing for many years before.

With strict regulations such as the ones defined by Health Canada’s Cannabis Regulations of 2018, entering the industry has many steps and bureaucratic processes. Hiring cannabis consultation services from experienced and trustworthy firms like U Can Grow will allow you to begin your journey as a successful cannabis producer.

Why Choose Us?

At U Cann Grow, we have significant contracting services and the cannabis industry, making us competent consultants for businesses looking to enter the cannabis cultivation industry and become business through efficient and influential connections. We have developed a system to build cannabis facilities that comply with Health Canada’s Cannabis Regulations of 2018 at roughly $185/sqft, helping you get ready to start a business from the moment we give you control.

As soon as you sign the contract agreement and make the deposit, your cannabis production facility will be ready to be licensed in the next 60 days. U Cann Grow will guide you throughout the licensing process by supplying standard operating procedures, security plans, and evidence packages so that all you need to worry about is submitting the application.