Cannabis Cultivation Construction & Production Facility

Cannabis Production Facility

The cannabis cultivation and production industry is one of Canada's most regulated industries. The same goes for the rest of the world. These regulations include architectural and industrial design requirements of micro cultivation and standard cultivation and guidelines for producing medical cannabis products.


U Cann Grow has developed a system that allows us to design facilities for cannabis production for roughly $185/sqft while staying compliant with Health Canada's Cannabis Regulations of 2018. We have developed more than 50 facility floor plans in many existing buildings that either needed build-out or retrofitting to work appropriately as indoor plantations, both of which were developed by us. We even have demo units available for you to explore!


U Cann Grow will design, build and retrofit the facility's indoor spaces by making all walls, ceilings, and floors either panelled or coated in GPP-compliant materials and creating the layout for every tool, workspace, or special machinery. We guarantee our work has passed inspection and requirements while complying with Health Canada's regulations for cannabis activity, including cultivation, processing, research, development, and medical use.

Who is Involved in the Construction of a Cannabis Facility?

Ensuring that you're working with the right professionals to complete an efficient building layout can be a difficult task. Usually, it takes several contractors, agencies and experts to ensure the project is prosperous. Here's a sample list of the fundamental positions that need to be appointed to develop the project:

  • Consulting Firm

  • Contractors

  • Project Manager

  • Mechanical and Civil Engineers

  • Facility Architect

  • HVAC Experts

  • Plumber and Electrician

  • Trustworthy cultivation equipment suppliers

This list doesn't consider the general workforce and other smaller positions you need to fill to complete the project, showing that finding the right specialists can be time-consuming. However, if you are consulting with an accomplished and reliable cannabis consulting firm, you won't need to worry about handpicking the right people for the job. U Cann Grow can help you in your cannabis facility building process by providing the most qualified team for the job.

Why Choose Us?

U Cann Grow is a company born to solve the two most fundamental problems in entering the cannabis cultivation industry: the substantial initial cost to enter and the lack of accurate market solutions. To address these problems, the experts at U Cann Grow have created a solution to tackle both issues.


We specialize in cannabis solutions for either micro cultivation projects or standard ones, which means that we guide you through the starting process and handle every step of getting into the cannabis production industry for you. We take care of sourcing the property, designing the floor plan, building or retrofitting the facility, sending applications for licensing and legal documents, training and consultation, supply agreements and applications, and communicating with Health Canada.