Cannabis Grow Lights Distributor 

What it takes to make an indoor cannabis cultivation and production facility as efficient and effective as possible, and to make your plantation grow and bloom successfully, is excellent management and installation of the lighting on the plantation. There are many different types of lighting available, and a successful production will need a combination of those depending on the size of the space, the desired output of the product, and the use of the specific areas inside the facility.

The experts at U Caan Grow are distributors of LED lamps that can provide multiple benefits for the growth of the plants and for your company:

  1. They’re less expensive in the long run than traditional bulbs.

  2. They have a much longer average life than traditional light bulbs

  3. They consume much less electricity, which will reduce costs as well as the ecological footprint of your operation

  4. They emit less heat than traditional bulbs, which will not change the indoor climate of the plantation.

There are three types of LED lights that you can choose for your cannabis crops, which you can obtain from the distributors at U Cann Grow:

  • Traditional Panels:

Standard traditional panels have small wattage diodes and thus tend to be more compact than other options. Most LED grow lights available today have this type of panel, and they are known for being the most versatile type.

  • COB LEDs:

“Chip On Board” LED lights produce much more intense light because they contain a higher density of LED chips compared to standard panels. The main disadvantage of having a much more intense panel is that they use a significantly higher amount of electricity. COBs can come in the style of an “AutoCOB”, which is a layout of multiple single COB lamps spread over a large area to create custom configurations in your facility.

  • Spread Style LEDs:

This type of LED lighting refers to either Quantum Boards or Spider LEDs, which are panels that have a great amount of small individual diodes spread over a large area, making the lights have lower intensities but offer a very efficient option for cannabis growing.