Cannabis Licensing Application in Canada

Cannabis Licensing Application​

Applying for a local and state license is the first step to becoming a successful cannabis business. The process is not simple, and the opportunities come by every few years. However, with the right assistance, you can triumph in obtaining your license before other potential competitors. Cannabis cultivation in Canada requires a special permit that states compliance under Health Canada's Cannabis Regulations of 2018, which describes the type and the size of the plantation and its characteristics (such as revenue and production quantity).

Offered Cannabis Licensing Services

At U Cann Grow, we support and help cultivators enter the cannabis market and send their application to one of the two license providers available, depending on what their needs are. We act under the Cannabis Regulations of 2018 effectively while providing clients with a turn-key cannabis operation ready to go and standard operating procedures and extensive training for staff and management. In U Cann Grow, we help you develop a healthy plan that perfectly fits your area’s regulatory requirements and your needs. We ensure the application process runs smoothly and efficiently.

License Types

The two types of cannabis cultivation licenses are micro cultivation and standard cultivation. These are their characteristics:

Micro Cultivation:

- Canopy space allowance of 200 sq meters (2,152 sqft)

- High-quality product with low yield due to space restrictions

- License Application Screening Fee of $1,638

- Annual Regulatory Fee of $2,500 or 1-2.3% of revenue, whichever is greater


Standard Cultivation:

- Unlimited Canopy space allowance

- Lower quality product with high yield

- License Application Screening Fee of $3,277

- Annual Regulatory Fee of $23,000 or 2.3% of revenue, whichever is greater

Micro-growers produce a small quantity of high-quality cannabis. They tend to have lower revenue, meaning that micro-growers have the advantage of licensing fees. Their operation is not required to attend to the most prominent standards, and the percentages are variable.


How To Apply For A Cannabis License? 

At U Cann Grow, our experts will guide you step by step and help you draft the perfect application and ensure your process runs smoothly. While requirements may vary depending on where you are, most marijuana business licencing agencies still look for common factors. Making sure you have these requirements before applying is crucial for drafting an application correctly.

Here are some of the most common factors and requirements:

  • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures):  The everyday business activities you'll do. Detailing all procedures and how they comply with all regulations and requirements is essential.

  • Business Plan:  A well-built business plan is a requirement for applications of any kind, even outside of the cannabis industry. There is no benefit in giving a cannabis business approval if it doesn't appear to have a promising future. Licensing agencies want to know that your project follows all regulations and shows how it'll grow. Being methodical when designing a business plan is a must when submitting an application.

  • Financials:  Marijuana businesses take a considerable amount of capital to run. Most cannabis facilities begin showing signs of returning investment years down the line, so both patience and strong financials are required to venture into building a cannabis facility, especially when filing for an application. Licensing agencies want to ensure you reach that point of profitability at the very least. U Cann Grow can help you create a sturdy financial plan, along with making the application process run smoothly.

  • Background & Legal Checks:  All relevant parties involved with your business and cannabis production project must have a clean history and background. They will not approve legal cannabis cultivation funding if there's a risk of illegal activity behind the scenes.

  • Cannabis Property Regulations:  The property where your project will take place must comply with all cannabis-related regulations and requirements. Ensuring your property is the right zone for producing cannabis, building a cannabis facility, and even commercial activity is crucial to apply for cannabis licensing.


Why Choose Us? 

U Cann Grow provides turn-key cannabis solutions, which means that our experts will assist you every step of the way to get you into the cannabis production industry successfully. We take care of sourcing the property, designing the floor plan, building or retrofitting the facility, applying licensing and legal documents, training and consultation, supply agreements, and communicating with Health Canada. The most important part of the UCann Grow Solution is to guide the client and help them get ready to start with production flawlessly and have their staff trained thoroughly to maintain a high production rate.