Who is U Cann Grow for?

U Cann Grow is for everyone who is entering the cannabis cultivation, processing, and retail industries: 1. Business executives who want to build and operate (or outsource) the operations of their business 2. Families who want to enter the cannabis industry and create a profitable business 3. Legacy cannabis growers who want to start operating on the legal and compliant side

What types of cannabis licenses are there?

There are 5 types of commercial cannabis licenses issued by the federal government, Health Canada division. 1. Cultivation - allows you to cultivate cannabis and wholesale it. a. Micro – Cultivates cannabis flower. Limited to 2,152 ft² (200 m²) of canopy space. b. Standard – Cultivates cannabis flower. Unlimited canopy space. c. Nursery – Cultivates cannabis seeds and clones. Limited to 50m² of flowering space for seed production. 2. Processing - allows you to package flower, extract oils, and make topicals and edibles a. Micro – Limited to processing 600 kg of dried flower per year b. Standard – Unlimited processing allotment 3. Medical Sales - allows you to sell cannabis to patients who have a prescription. 4. Laboratory & Testing - allows you to conduct testing for other cultivators and processors. 5. Research - allows you to cultivate cannabis for research purposes only.

How much does it cost to build a micro craft cannabis facility with U Cann Grow?

U Cann Grow provides a full suite of services to get you built and licensed for $175/sf. Services included: locate suitable property, licensing application, floor plan design, build/reno, and supply agreements.

What air filtration system do you use to mitigate odour concerns?

U Cann Grow uses the same air filtration systems as were used on the black market, so you can be sure that your neighbours won’t know you’re there.

Are there any ceiling height regulations or requirements from Health Canada?

No. Health Canada does not have any stipulations concerning ceiling height.

How do you keep the facility sanitary?

All of our buildings are built with food and medical grade surface finishes, which ensures Health Canada compliance and makes it easy for you to sanitize your facility whenever you need to. We also offer the service of our sanitation team, who takes care of all the cleaning so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

What if I don’t know anything about cannabis?

U Cann Grow’s master growers bring over 100+ years of growing experience, and here, you have 2 options: (1) U Cann Grow will train you to manage every detail of your cultivation; or (2) U Cann Grow can wholly manage your business via our highly experienced teams.

How can I sell my product?

U Cann Grow has supplier agreements in place that guarantee the purchase of your product. Feel free to ask us more about our guaranteed sale price agreements, and how they work.

What is the timeline from the start of construction to the start of operation?

Once you sign on the dotted line, U Cann Grow secures suitable property and permits, followed by ~2 months of build time, license submission, and then we wait for Health Canada to review and grant you the license! We have seen it done in 4 months, but it is wiser to budget this process to take up to 1 year.

Can I own more than one micro cultivation?

Yes! You can buy as many units as you would like. You could even buy less than a full unit - opting instead for a single grow room or equity. Feel free to ask us more about investment opportunities with U Cann Grow. We are creating an investment option for every budget.

How do I find good genetics?

U Cann Grow offers premium genetics that test at above 25% THC through F1 Genetics. F1 Genetics is our own nursery, and we supply our clients with ready-to-flower clones in order to maximize their canopy space (you get an extra 400 ft² of flowering canopy space). U Cann Grow clients also get 10% off all of our hydroponic equipment and supplements, meaning that you get a better price than if you went directly to the supplier!

How do I get local zoning permits?

U Cann Grow has fought and won battles for zoning rights. Once you select a location that you want to operate in, we take care of all communications with city officials, just so you don’t have to worry about the political stuff.