Our Story

We are a dedicated and passionate team of seasoned cannabis experts. Our mission is to support investors and legacy growers to enter the micro-cultivation market in a seamless and successful path.

Experienced Leadership

At U Cann Grow, our full-service turn-key cannabis facility and consulting services are based on years of experience in the cannabis, construction, and regulatory industries.


Our dedicated and well-rounded team come from many different walks of life.


Our CEO, Poncho, has decades of growing experience, developing numerous proprietary strains and nutrient techniques, as well as construction expertise from building and operating a successful contracting company.


Our COO and CRO, Smurf, has worked years in the heavily regulated long-term care and retirement industries. She managed over 300+ residents and 150 staff members during this time.

Get to learn more about our team at UCG by simply reaching out.

Our background is not corporate but instead from black market culture.


We understand that there are a lot of predatorial firms out there taking advantage of individuals' hard earned money.


That's why we feel we have a huge competitive advantage over our competitors through our values of HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY.

Black Market


Black Label