Building Green to Grow Green

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

At U Cann Grow, we often have people ask us about our “greener” building options. Let us introduce you to…drum roll please…Cannabis Sativa, aka Hemp! Oh, you’ve heard of hemp?! Well wouldn’t you know?! Maybe you haven’t yet heard about all the great and sustainable ways hemp can be used to build or renovate your cannabis cultivation or processing facility. Continue reading to learn how hemp can resist mold and pests, fire and water, and help you AND your plants to breathe easy.

Hemp can be used in many applications including: medicines, clothing, juices, paper, fuel and of course, building materials. Hemp as a building material offers many advantages compared to typical building materials like wood, fiberglass insulation, and concrete.

Using hemp as a building material helps to save and preserve the Earth. Hemp has a ~120-day cycle from seed to harvest, making it markedly faster than growing and harvesting trees for the same purpose. Further, by the time hemp is ready for harvest, one ton of hemp will have recycled 1.62 tons of carbon dioxide, reducing the impact of carbon emissions on the planet.

There are two main building materials made from hemp: (1) Hempcrete; and (2) Hemp Coreboard.


Hempcrete is a building composite made to simulate concrete. It can be used to cast molds and to insulate structures. Interestingly, after comparing regular concrete with hempcrete, hempcrete comes out on top, here’s why…

  • Hempcrete is 7x stronger than concrete

  • Hempcrete is 3 times more elastic than concrete

  • Hempcrete is easier to work with than concrete

  • Hempcrete acts to regulate moisture/humidity

  • Hempcrete doesn’t contain any chemicals and therefore has no VOCs

  • Hempcrete is flame, water and pest-resistant

  • Hempcrete lasts for hundreds of years

  • Hempcrete is carbon negative

Hemp Coreboard

Hemp Coreboard boasts similar advantages compared to Hempcrete and far surpasses its alternatives like MDF, OSB, and other fabricated boards. Unlike other fabricated boards, Hemp Coreboard has a zero VOC rating, meaning the air in your facility is cleaner and you and your plants can breathe easy. Hemp Coreboard is fire-retardant using a salt-based treatment just like you use with salt-based nutrients in your fertigation system. This treatment also makes Hemp Coreboard resistant to mold, mildew, and pests – everything Health Canada prohibits in your Certificates of Analysis. Lastly, Hemp Coreboard is lighter than other fabricated boards making it easier to work with and giving cheaper shipping rates. With worldwide transport being stalled and shipping rates increasing across the world during COVID-19, Hemp Coreboard offers a great alternative to traditional building materials.

Wouldn’t it just be perfect if your cannabis facility was made from hemp? Contact us to learn more about green and sustainable building options available for your cannabis facility today!

by Eleanor Pineau

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