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Health Canada's Cannabis Licensing Options

8 different types of cannabis Licensing

Here's a brief description of the 8 classes and subclasses of cannabis license and what practices can be permitted for each under the Cannabis Regulations.

Refer to Health Canada's website for a full description of each class and subclass.

1) Cultivation License

  • Standard Cultivation:

  • Possession of cannabis.

  • Obtain dry and new cannabis, cannabis plants and seeds by propagating, planting and harvesting cannabis.

  • Obtain cannabis by modifying its chemical or physical properties in some way for research purposes.

  • Selling and supplying dry and fresh cannabis, cannabis plants and plant seeds to licensed farmers, manufacturers, and analysts in the industry.

2) Micro-Cultivation License

  • The micro-cultivation license allows for the same practices as the standard cultivation license. Still, its holder is limited to a plant surface area not exceeding 200m2, which involves several surfaces, such as those placed over one another.

3) Nursery License

  • Possession of cannabis.

  • Obtain cannabis plants or seeds by planting, propagating and harvesting cannabis.

  • Obtain cannabis by modifying its chemical or physical properties by some way for experimental purposes.

  • For seed development, a total area of not more than 50m2 must include all sections of budding or flowering plants.

4) Processing Licenses License

  • Standard Processing

  • Cannabis possession.

  • Produce cannabis, other than by propagating, growing, or harvesting.

  • Cannabis cannot be obtained by synthesis for micro-processing.

5) Micro-processing License

  • The micro-processing license provides for the same practices as the standard processing license; however, the license holder does not produce cannabis by synthesis.

  • The holder of a micro-processing license does not possess more than 600 kg (or equivalent) of dried cannabis per year. Such a quantity limit does not apply if a micro-processing license holder already holds a micro-cultivation license for the same location. The cannabis used for processing comes solely from that location.

6) Sale for Medical Purposes License

  • Possession of cannabis products

  • Sell or distribute cannabis goods to a consumer.

  • Selling or distributing cannabis products to a license holder (except for a producer)

  • Sell or supply cannabis products that are dried, fresh, plant or cannabis seeds to a micro-cultivator or a standard cultivator.

7) Analytical Testing License

  • Possession of cannabis.

  • Obtain weed by modifying its chemical or physical properties in some way for experimental purposes.

  • Such a license holder must discard all samples of a lot or batch within 90 days after testing has been completed.

  • Also, if the samples' processing is not initiated within 120 days of collection, the samples must be destroyed during that period.

8) Research Licenses

  • Possess, produce and distribute cannabis, deliver or distribute cannabis between sites that are approved for testing purposes.

  • Sell cannabis plants and plant seeds, in particular, to other accredited researchers and producers within the industry

  • Administer and supply cannabis for scientific purposes to a research subject.

  • Research license holders will be required to destroy all cannabis in their possession as part of the terms and conditions of their license, upon conclusion of their research project.

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