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Long Weekend - New Venture in Cannabis

Getting bored at home and trying to find something interesting to do? What about doing something in the sexy new craft cannabis industry?

Whether you're an experienced cannabis industry player or an investor looking for new ways to make your money work for you, U Cann Grow has the answer you've been looking for.

U Cann Grow has developed the only true TURNKEY SERVICE for starting your cannabis business. U Cann Grow assists with:

  1. Property acquisition - the hardest part of building a cannabis business;

  2. Floor plans, engineered and architectural drawings, and permits - dealing with the city can be a pain, so leave that to us;

  3. Build-out - our team of competent, experienced trades will have your facility built and ready for licensing within 90 days;

  4. Licensing - no surprises here, Health Canada trusts U Cann Grow's SOPs and licensing documents so you'll get licensed without all the headaches;

  5. Supply and Purchase Agreements - you'll have guaranteed sales before putting a dime into the business; and

  6. Operational Management - so you can be as hands-off or -on as you'd like

If your budget is smaller but you still value the cannabis industry as a great investment, then buy into one (or many) of our CANNABIS ROOMS. Receive a 50% ROI year-after-year for 5 years!

Interested in investing into U Cann Grow as a whole?! Contact us today about investment opportunities in a business that is in the black before it's even one year old!

Have a F1NE long weekend!

The U Cann Grow Team


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